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Along with participating in a number of open source projects, we have also created some


 This is a WYSIWYG Application builder for the web and desktop.

Git Live

Inotify and Git auto commit then push using Gnome Seed

Gnome - Seed

Helping maintain, The Gnome Seed, the Javascript Desktop Library

Javascript Packer

Javascript packer in Javascript, with full scoped variable replacement


git clone;a=tree

PEAR & Compatible code

One of the leading contributors to PEAR, the standard PHP library

Pman Component Projects

 The Pman Components are a Applicaction development framework built ontop of pear , roojs and HTML_FlexyFramework.

They are designed to provide a rapid development platform for Rich client applications.

Roo Javascript Library

This is the Roo Javascript Library, and LGPL Rich User Interface Library 

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