Published 2016-10-28 00:00:00

Coding was complete last month, and has a huge test suite to covering a large proportion of the features. This should mean that replacing DB_DataObjects will be pretty easy.
You can either just checkout the code from github  / PDO_DataObject , or use the pear channel 
#pear channel-discover
#pear install roojs/PDO_DataObject-0.0.1 


I revived my old PHP_CodeDoc code  (That needs publishing). It seemed simpler than trying to use any of the other tools out there. It's a pretty simple tool to extract structure, and documentation comments from the PHP source code. I added a small amount of code to export to our 'Roo UI bjs toolkit format' 
The generated files are pure JSON, and mostly contain the contents from the comments un-formatted. I decided that doing the Markdown conversion in JavaScript was far simpler (I refactored slightly for use with our libraries)
There are a few other tweaks I made, using `@category` to group the documentation, and writing category pages (using roobuilder), then putting it all together the index.js file loads the parts, and renders the manual.
This week I finished tidying up the rendering on mobile, and making sure all the comments render nicely using markdown. The result should be a nice easy to read and use manual.


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