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Published 2008-07-01 00:00:00

Another update on progress on RooJS (the ExtJS v1 Fork)
  • Form's now have CSS, so the dynamic form examples work quite well
    • The CSS was created by documenting how the existing examples where rendered in ExtJS - A document describing this was created (see form_design.svg in the css folder). Then that document was used to create a brand new CSS file. I believe this can be regarded as not breaking the copyright and having a reasonable reverse engineering process.
    • the x-box borders are missing, although not critical
    • the HTML editor needs to be fixed.

  • I have done the design diagram for CSS of the menu's and will be working on that soon.
  • The doc's are improving as well, The doc's appear to be listing all the correct elements now, future work will focus on tidying up the templates.
    • Most of the improvements came from replacing the Walker code in the jsdoctoolkit so that it understands scope in a similar way to the compressor. I also had to add a few extra comments in the source to give the documentation tool a few hints.
    • /** @scope Roo.somescope */ -- changes the scope in the documentation engine (as sometimes it just can not guess what the scope is.
    • /** @scopeAlias */ -- adds an alias to the parser engine alias map, so when it sees 'avar', it will replace it with
  • The compresser is working well, someone asked on #roojs on freenode about using it for other code, including ExtJs2.0 - There should be no problem doing that - have a look at the bundle build file to see how to set up a builder for any project.
    • One thing to note is that the compresser uses hints when it sees 'eval'. The YUI compresser basically turns off compression for a large chunk of the code if it sees 'eval', I've added code to pick up a comment before the eval statement:
      • /** eval:var:abcd */ will turn variable compresion back on, and exclude 'abcd' from the list of variables to be compressed (use multiple eval:var:... statement on multiple lines to exclude multiple variables)
Anyway back to work tommorow, after celebrating (eg. doing nothing) the glorious reunification with the motherland day (HKSAR day)

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